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Check assignment grades

To check your grades in a course you're taking:

  1. Open the course you want to see your grades in
  2. Click Grades in the left-hand menu

You can go to an assignment’s page by clicking on the name of the assignment from your Grades page.

If you’re having trouble with your grades on Coursera, check our troubleshooting page here.

On the Grades page for a course, you’ll be able to see:

  • Each graded assignment in that course (optional assignments won’t appear)
  • Personalized deadlines for each assignment, including whether an assignment is due soon or overdue.
  • Grades for assignments (if grades are available for that assignment)
  • How many assignments you’ve completed
  • Whether your grades have been adjusted
  • Whether an assignment is locked
  • For peer reviewed assignments, whether you need to get or complete peer reviews in order to get a grade for that assignment. Learn more about peer reviewed assignment grades.
  • How much each assignment counts toward your course grade ("weight")
  • Whether the course has Honors assignments, and what those assignments are

Assignment statuses

On your Grades page, you will see the current status of each assignment:

  • Passed: Your assignment has been submitted, graded, and your grade is above the required passing score for that assignment.
  • Didn't Pass: Your assignment has been submitted, graded, and your grade is below the required passing score for that assignment.
  • --: The assignment has not been started yet.
  • Started: Your assignment has been started, but not yet submitted. Your assignment won’t get a grade until it’s submitted.
  • Submitted: Your assignment has been finished and submitted, but doesn’t have a grade yet.
  • Graded: Your assignment has been submitted and your grade has been released.
  • Dropped: This assignment’s score will not be included in your final course grade.
  • Adjusted: Course staff, or a lateness policy, has changed your grade for this assignment.



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