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Check peer review grades

Before grades for a peer reviewed assignment can be released:

  • The assignment needs to get at least one peer review
  • Your personalized deadline for the assignment needs to pass

If you have already turned in your peer reviewed assignment but you haven't gotten enough peer reviews or the personalized deadline hasn't passed, your grades tab will show "grading in progress" for that assignment.

After you get at least one review and the personalized deadline has passed, you'll be able to see your grade.

If the personalized deadline passes and you don't have any peer reviews, you won't see a grade. You'll be able to see your grade seven days after you get at least one peer review.

If you turn in your assignment late, you'll get a grade when you receive the required number of reviews OR once your submission is 7 days old and you have at least one review.

Get more peer reviews on an assignment

If you are waiting on your grade because you don't have enough peer reviews for an assignment, you can make a post in the course's discussion forums requesting peer reviews for your assignment.

To post your shareable assignment link in the forums:

  1. Click the Grades tab in your Course.
  2. Open the assignment you want to share.
  3. Click My submission.
  4. Click Shareable Link.
  5. When your assignment opens, copy the page URL from your browser bar.
  6. Make a new forum post in the current week's discussion forum and post your request that includes the URL to your assignment.


Waiting for peer review grades in a course you are subscribed to

If you are waiting on peer reviews for your final course in a subscription, you can cancel your subscription. If you pass the assignment, your grade and certificate will be released after your subscription becomes inactive. If you do not pass the assignment, you'll need to pay for the course again to resubmit.


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