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Join a learning program

If you've been invited to join your company's learning program, you’ll either get:

  • An email invitation
  • A direct link from your administrator (often through your learning management system)

When you set up your Coursera account, you'll need to use the same email that your program admin sent your invitation to.

Use a Coursera account you already have

If you already have a Coursera account, you can link your company account to your existing account when you accept your invitation (this can be done with or without single sign on - for more information on SSO, see below).

Connecting your accounts lets you:

  • Keep all your Course Certificates in one account even if you leave your company's learning program
  • Log in with your original Coursera account to access your learning program.

To connect your accounts:

  • If the invitation is sent to your existing email, you'll be prompted to enter in your existing password.
  • If the invitation is sent to an new email, you'll need to click Connect your existing account after you accept your invitation.

This will connect your learning program to your personal email account. You can then keep all your Course Certificates in one account even if you leave your company's learning program. 

You can also ask your program administrator to send an invitation to the email address you're already using for Coursera. In this case, you will be prompted to enter your password connected to your existing email.


If you miss the step to link your accounts from your invitation, you can delete your second account and ask your administrator to invite you to the program again.

Connect accounts with course progress

If you create two different Coursera accounts with two different email addresses, you won't be able to combine them later, after you've earned a Course Certificate or made progress in a course.

Missing email invitations

If you're missing an email invitation to join your company's learning program, ask your program administrator to send you another invitation email.

Single Sign-on

Some companies use single sign-on, or SSO, to connect with Coursera. This lets you make a new account or connect an existing Coursera account to your company’s learning program. Make sure you use the same email account to login each time through SSO. For example, if you have an alias email that has been connected to the account instead of, you'll need to use the same one every time. You can check to see what email address is associated with your Coursera account on your Account Settings page.

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