Enroll or unenroll from courses in a learning program

If you are part of a learning program, your company has a limited number of "sponsored courses," which are courses that you can take for free as part of that learning program. The number of courses depends on your company's program. If you have questions about choosing or enrolling in sponsored courses, check with your HR or learning program administrator.

Enroll in a course

Your company will either have:

  • A list of specific courses you can choose from
  • A specific learning domain to choose courses in
  • Access to any course in Coursera's catalog.

You can see a list of available courses on your learning program dashboard.

Once you have chosen the course you want to take, click START. This will use up one of your available course credits.

Save a course for later

You can save a course or Specialization for later by clicking the heart next to "Wishlist." This will add the course or Specialization to your saved courses.

Saved courses do not count as one of your sponsored courses, and you can save as many courses as you like. To remove a course from your saved courses, click the heart again.

Unenroll from a course

You can unenroll from a course up to 14 days after you enroll. After 14 days, you can't unenroll and the course will still be counted as one of your credits for the learning program.

To unenroll from a course:

  1. Log into your Coursera account
  2. Open the list of courses you're enrolled in by clicking on your Learning Program Dashboard
  3. Next to the course you want to unenroll from, click the three dots to open the menu threedots.png
  4. Choose Un-Enroll from Course 
  5. On the pop-up, click Un-Enroll

Course Limits

When you join Coursera as part of a learning program, there may be a limit on how many courses you can enroll in per year.

If you have reached your enrollment limit, you'll see an error letting you know if you try to enroll in another course. To create an open spot for a new course, you'll need to un-enroll from one of your currently active courses first. You can only unenroll from a course within the first 14 days after you enroll.

This enrollment limit only applies to your learning program. You can continue to enroll in as many courses as you wish from the standard Coursera course catalog using a personal account.

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