Professional Certificates

Professional Certificate programs are a series of related courses, similar to Specializations, focused on providing hands-on experience in a skill. When you complete the courses, you’ll earn a certificate from the institution who provided the course content.

Search our catalog or review our hub page to find a Professional Certificate that’s right for you. Each program has a page with details about enrollment and the courses you’ll need to take to earn a certificate.

Note: Professional Certificates are not the same as Course Certificates.


To enroll in a Professional Certificate program, follow the steps on its page. Most programs start with a seven day free trial that transitions into a subscription, while others offer options to pay per course or pre-pay for all courses. Some programs require applications before enrolling. Read the program’s description carefully for details on cost, payment, and how to enroll.

Earning a certificate

Once you complete all the courses and requirements in a program, you’ll earn a Professional Certificate. Some programs have specific GPA or time requirements for completing courses.

A Professional Certificate confirms you’ve completed the program and provides professional certification that may be recognized by another organization or school.


Some Professional Certificate programs and Specializations offer a reward if you achieve certain goals, like completing all of the courses in a program. These rewards may take the form of:

  • A voucher for a % off the cost of a certification exam
  • Credits for an an online lab
  • Free subscriptions or limited-time access to industry tools

If your program offers a reward, you'll see information about it on the program's landing page. The goals and rewards vary per program, so make sure to review the details.

Once you meet the goal that unlocks a reward, you’ll get a notification in the course and an email. Either of these will link you to a page with any instructions and codes needed to redeem your reward.

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