Degree course schedules and deadlines

Degree programs offer courses with specific start dates and deadlines for assignments. Learners in the same session move through a course together. Some courses may offer the option to switch sessions if you fall behind.

You'll need to complete your individual assignments by their deadlines to receive credit and avoid late penalties.

Refer to your program’s onboarding course for grading and session switching policy.

Late penalties

If you turn in an assignment after the deadline, your grade may receive a late penalty. You’ll see information about the late penalty in a banner at the top of the assignment page before submitting and included in the grade after submission.

You can view deadlines for all assignments in a course on the Grades page or your Degree home page. Deadline and late penalty policies may vary by course or program. Check your course’s syllabus, normally in Week 1, for course-specific policies. For program policies, see the onboarding course.

Peer review deadlines

You'll need to get all required peer reviews on assignments before the end of the course. If you don't have enough peer reviews on an assignment, you can post in the forums asking your peers to review your submission.

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