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Take degree program courses & other Coursera courses at the same time

Connecting email addresses

When you get accepted into a degree program, you’ll get a personal email address through the university offering the degree program. You'll need to check your university email address for emails about your degree program.

If you already use a different email address on Coursera, you need to change the email address you use for Coursera to your new university email.

Switch between degree courses & other Coursera courses

If you’re part of a degree or Professional Certificate program, your Coursera home page will change to the degree home page. Your degree home page lets you track your progress through your courses and toward the degree.

If you’re taking other Coursera courses that aren’t part of a for-credit program, you won’t see those courses on your degree home page. To switch to the standard Coursera home page:

  1. Click the arrow on the top left of the page near the Coursera logo
  2. In the menu that opens, click the home page you want to go to

Once you’re on the Coursera home page, you can switch back to your degree home page using the same menu.

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