Taking other courses while in a Degree program

While enrolled in a Degree program, you can take other courses offered by Coursera with the same account. You might use this option to take a course not offered in your Degree program or work ahead in the public version of a course, if one exists, before the for-credit version in your program begins.

Switch between Degree courses & other courses

If you’re part of a Degree program, you’ll see a unique home page that helps you track your progress through your courses and toward the degree.

To see courses outside of your program, you’ll need to switch to the standard Coursera home page. To switch:

  1. Log in to your Coursera account.
  2. In the top-left next to the Coursera logo, click the down arrow to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Select My Coursera.

You can switch back to your Degree program at any time using the same menu.

Note: If you’re enrolled in a learning program offered by your university or employer, you’ll see an option in the drop-down menu for that program. Learning programs include a curated list of courses on Coursera, some of which may also be part of your degree program.

Working ahead in the public version of a course

If there’s a public version of a course that you’re taking for credit as part of your Degree program, you can enroll in that public course and work ahead while waiting for the for-credit version to start.

Enrolling in a public course may require paying a separate enrollment fee to Coursera. If your university or employer offers a learning program, check to see if the public version of the course is offered there without a fee.

When you enroll in the public course, you’ll learn alongside Coursera’s global learning community and complete coursework at your own pace. If you enroll in the for-credit version of the course, we’ll migrate any transferrable progress. The for-credit version of a course is only available as part of your Degree program and will include a specific schedule for completing coursework.

Please refer to your program’s onboarding course for open course links and details on how the content will transfer to the for-credit course.

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