Troubleshoot logging in with single sign-on (SSO)

If you're having an issue logging in with single sign-on (SSO), use this article to help find a resolution.

Clear your cache and cookies

Becase Coursera is a web-based platform, clearing your cache and cookies can resolve a lot of issues including problems with SSO. For exact steps, see our article on clearing your cache and cookies.

Check the email address you're using to log in

Make sure you use the same email account to login each time through SSO. For example, if you have an alias email like that has been connected to the account instead of, you'll need to use the same one every time.

You can check to see what email address is associated with your Coursera account on your Account Settings page.

Try the link again

You can log in and set up an account by clicking Log in with your organization when you're setting up your account. If you can't find that option, check for an email invitation from your company's learning program and click the link in that email.

Check for a network issue

If you can't connect to Coursera via your company’s SSO, you might have a network issue. Check with your company's IT department or program admin for help.

Check for a deleted account

If you see a message about being connected to a deleted account, or see "deleted-account" in front of your email address, you'll need to check with your learning program's admin for help.

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