Check for a second Coursera account

If you've signed in to Coursera with different email addresses, you may have accidentally made multiple accounts.

Check for another email account

To check for another account with a different email address:

  1. Open your Account Settings page.
  2. Carefully check the email address listed. Look for possible typos. Even a misplaced period will make a different account.
  3. If you use Coursera on multiple devices, check this across all your devices to make sure you're using the same email address.

If your account isn't linked to Facebook, Google or Apple, you may have accidentally created a second account by clicking the Log in with _____ button.

Check for another social account

To check for another account with Facebook, Google or Apple log-in:

  1. Open your Account Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the Linked Accounts section and check for a message that says "Your account is linked to ______, would you like to de-link it." 
  3. If you see this message, log out of this account and log back in with your original email and password.

Manage multiple accounts

Using multiple accounts violates our Honor Code, so we can't combine work across different accounts or make exceptions for deadlines missed as a result of creating multiple accounts.

You can't transfer payments or Course Certificates between different accounts.

If you find out that you have two Coursera accounts, you will need to choose one account to use, then resubmit any assignments completed with the other account. You can delete your extra account.

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