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Session schedules

Most courses on Coursera are offered in sessions. Each session has a specific start date, and learners in the same session move through the course together according to a schedule of suggested deadlines.

Coursera courses include suggested deadlines to help you stay on track, but missing a deadline will not affect your grade or your ability to earn a Certificate.

If you fall behind or want more time to complete a course, you can switch to the next session. Sessions run every few weeks, so if you fall behind in a course, you’ll be able to keep taking it without much interruption.

If you’re subscribed to a course or Specialization and finish it early, you can cancel your subscription before the suggested deadlines for the end of the course.

Deadlines and schedules in Degree courses: If you are in a degree course, then the assignments have hard deadlines. Your grade will be affected if you turn in an assignment after the due date. Depending on your degree program, you may be on a fixed schedule and cannot switch sessions. Refer to your program Onboarding Course for more information.

Enroll in a session

When you enroll in a session-based course, you may have the option to:

  • Enroll for the current session
  • Enroll for an upcoming session
  • Pre-enroll for the course

If you enroll in a course during a session that has already started, you may not be able to join the current session. Instead, you'll be enrolled for an upcoming session. You won't be able switch sessions to join the current session.

Some sessions close for enrollment a certain number of days after the session starts. If enrollment in a session has closed, you’ll need pre-enroll, which lets you wait until enrollment in the next session opens.

When you pre-enroll or enroll for an upcoming session, you'll be able to see that course's videos, readings, and some assignments before the session starts. You'll need to wait until the session starts to take peer-reviewed assignments or post in the forums.

Find the next session for a course

Each course has its own schedule of sessions, but most courses have sessions every 4-6 weeks.

To see when the next session will begin for a course, check that course's information page.

Session deadlines

Most sessions will have a weekly schedule of suggested deadlines. Degree sessions have hard deadlines.

Most assignments can be submitted at any time before the session ends, unless your degree course syllabus or Onboarding Course says otherwise. However, you might not get enough peer reviews on peer-reviewed assignments if you submit them late.

Switch to the next session

If you fall behind or want more time to complete a course, you can switch to the next session.

If you can't complete a course in a single session, you can keep taking it in more sessions until you finish.

If you are enrolled in a degree course, you may be on a fixed schedule and cannot switch sessions. Check your program's Onboarding Course for more information.

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