Video translations

To see translated subtitles for a video, turn subtitles on and choose the language you want to see subtitles in.

You can see what languages are available for a course by checking the course's description page. If a language is listed, that means at least 80% of the course's video subtitles have been translated. When you search for courses, you can filter your search to find courses that have translations in certain languages.

Not all videos have subtitles in all languages. Coursera currently has limited support for right-to-left languages.

Subtitle translations are done by Coursera's Global Translator Community. Although our GTC members work hard to create high quality translations, Coursera doesn't guarantee that all translations will be complete and accurate.

Help translate Coursera videos

You can help translate Coursera videos by joining the GTC.

We use a third-party platform called Smartling to enable translation projects. Before you start translating Coursera materials, you'll be prompted by Smartling to authorize authentication. You will be able to proceed to the Smartling platform once you approve.

To ensure a smooth GTC signup process, please make sure your account has a first and last name associated with it.

Changing your account email will result in a separate Smartling account, and you may not see your translated word count increase. This is because your progress is being tracked on the new account. Please avoid changing your account email if possible.

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