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Assignment deadlines

Coursera courses have personalized deadlines that begin when you enroll in a course. If you miss a deadline, your grade won't be affected. You can also re-set your personalized deadlines if you fall too far behind.

To see your personalized deadlines for a course you're enrolled in:

  1. Open the course you want to see deadlines for.
  2. Click the Grades tab.
  3. Check a specific week to see deadlines for that week's assignments.

If you're in a Degree course on Coursera, learn more about Degree course deadlines.

Missed deadlines

There is no penalty for submitting an assignment after the suggested deadline.

If you submit a peer-reviewed assignment after your personalized deadline, you might not get enough peer reviews. If you need more peer reviews, you can post in the forums asking for more peer feedback.

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