See feedback and grades for peer reviewed assignments

Understanding peer-graded assignments

To receive your grade on a peer-graded assignment:

  • you must submit your assignment
  • you must review a specified number of peers’ assignments
  • 1 or more peers must review your assignment, in order to get your grade
    • If you submitted your assignment on or before the deadline, you’ll get your grade within a week if 1 or more of your peers reviewed your submission
    • If you submitted your assignment after the deadline, you’ll only get your grade after ALL of the required peers review your assignment

If no one has reviewed your assignment, check this page to find out what you can do. 

How peer-graded assignment scores are calculated

Your grade for a peer reviewed assignment is based on the grades your peer reviewers gave your assignment.

Peer reviewed assignment grades

Peer reviewed assignments are graded with the following formula:

  1. Your peers give a grade to each part of your assignment.
  2. The median score for each assignment part becomes the final grade for that part.
  3. All the final grades for each part are added together to calculate your grade for that assignment.

You'll need to do the required number of peer reviews for other people's assignments before your assignment will be complete.

See peer feedback and grades

To see your feedback and grades for a peer reviewed assignment:

Open the course you want to see peer feedback in.

  1. Click the Grades tab.
  2. Click on the assignment you want to see feedback for.
  3. Click My submission. If you have feedback or grades, you'll see them at the bottom of each part of your assignment.

If you don't have a grade for a peer reviewed assignment, it may be because you haven't gotten enough peer reviews yet. 

Limited feedback

Staff-graded assignments in some Degree courses may not include all details in grade information. You'll always be able to see your assignment scores on your grades page, but you may not be able to see information about answers or additional assignment information.

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