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Solve problems with peer reviewed assignments

If you're having problems with peer reviewed assignments, find your issue below. You can also learn how to check your peer review grades.

If you're having a problem with:

  • A missing grade on a peer reviewed assignment
  • An incorrect grade on a peer reviewed assignment
  • Being unable to submit your peer reviewed assignment
  • A missing peer reviewed assignment

check our assignment troubleshooting page.

To receive your grade on a peer-graded assignment:

  • you must submit your assignment
  • you must review a specified number of peers’ assignments
  • 1 or more peers must review your assignment, in order to get your grade
    • If you submitted your assignment on or before the deadline, you’ll get your grade within a week if 1 or more of your peers reviewed your submission
    • If you submitted your assignment after the deadline, you’ll only get your grade after ALL of the required peers review your assignment

After you've submitted your assignment and reviewed the required number of peers, you must receive at least 1 review on your peer-reviewed assignment before the course ends in order to get your grade. You can learn more about this here.

You'll need to review a certain number of peers' assignments for your grade to be released. If there aren't enough assignments submitted in your course for you to review, try adjusting your deadlines or switching your session (for Degree courses). You can also look in the discussion forums for other people asking for reviews.

If you miss a personalized deadline for a peer reviewed assignment, you can still submit the assignment. You may need to post your shareable assignment link in the forums asking for peer reviews to make sure you get enough peer reviews to pass the assignment. 

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