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Solve problems with peer reviewed assignments

If you're having problems with peer reviewed assignments, find your issue below. You can also learn how to check your peer review grades.

If you're having a problem with:

  • A missing grade on a peer reviewed assignment
  • An incorrect grade on a peer reviewed assignment
  • Being unable to submit your peer reviewed assignment
  • A missing peer reviewed assignment

check our assignment troubleshooting page.

Peer reviewed assignments need to get a certain number of reviews to be marked complete.

If your assignment doesn't get enough reviews, you can make a post in the course's discussion forums letting other learners know you need more reviews.

To link your assignment in the forums:

  1. Open the course for the assignment you want to share.
  2. Click the Grades tab.
  3. Open the assignment you want to share.
  4. Click My submission.
  5. Click Shareable Link.
  6. When your assignment opens, copy the page URL from your browser bar.
  7. Make a new forum post that includes the URL to your assignment.

Once you've gotten peer reviews, you can see your grades and feedback.

If you miss a personalized deadline for a peer reviewed assignment, you can still submit the assignment. You may need to post your shareable assignment link in the forums asking for peer reviews to make sure you get enough peer reviews to pass the assignment. 

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