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Community Mentors

Mentors are learners who generously give their time to help others work through courses they have already completed. Not all courses have mentors.

Mentors don't work for Coursera or for the institution offering the course. They can't edit course materials, and they can't change your grades.

Community Mentor responsibilities:

  • Answer learner questions in the discussion forums
  • Post new threads to spark discussion
  • Provide feedback to Coursera staff

Become a Community Mentor

When a course needs Mentors, Coursera will send email invitations to learners who we think would be good candidates.

To qualify as a good candidate you need to:

  • Pass the course with a good grade
  • Be active in the course by helping other learners in the forums

If you get an invitation to become a Mentor, you will be invited to take a short training course. Once you pass the training course, you will be enrolled as a Mentor in the course we invited you for.

Support for Mentors

If you're selected to be a Mentor, you'll get training materials and direct support from Coursera to help you.

If you're already a Mentor and you're having a problem or you have questions, please check our Mentor training materials.

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