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Accommodations for learners with disabilities

Coursera is committed to ensuring that learners with visual and hearing impairments, as well as other disabilities, are able to succeed in courses on our platform.

You can read more on our accessibility policy page.

Accommodations for hearing impairments

All lecture videos have native language closed-caption subtitles. You can also download the subtitles to read as a transcript.

Accommodations for visual impairments

Most pages and features on Coursera are compatible with screen readers.

Accommodations for learning disabilities

If you need more time to complete an assignment, you can save it as a draft and return to it later. Late submissions do not affect your grade, but may affect your peer reviews.

You can re-take quizzes and re-watch videos as many times as you need to. You can also download videos to watch offline and download video transcripts to read.

If you need more time to complete a course, you can re-set your personalized deadlines and save most of your work.

Request accommodations in a course

To request additional accommodations, please contact Coursera support.

When you contact us to request accommodations, please include:

  • A specific request for a modification that would help you
  • Links to up to two active courses for which you'd like accommodations

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