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Report a problem with a course

If you notice a serious problem in a course, please contact Coursera support.

When you contact us to report a problem, please include:

  • Information about the problem
  • Links to the problem
  • Any other information that helps us understand the problem

Serious problems might include:

  • An assignment deadline set before the course start date
  • A broken link to something required for an assignment
  • A video that has no subtitles
  • Anything that prevents you from taking or understanding the course

Report a problem with course materials

If you find a problem with a video, a reading, or a quiz, you can report it.

When you report something in course materials:

  • The course instructor may see your feedback.
  • You won't get a direct response.
  • Other learners won't see your feedback.

To flag a problem in course materials:

  • Open the course material you want to report a problem with. You can only report problems with videos, readings, and quizzes.
  • Click the "confused face" icon 
  • Give as much information as you can about the problem, then click Send.

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