Pay for a course or Specialization

When you enroll in a course or a Specialization, follow the onscreen instructions to see the price and make a payment.

Once you pay for a Course Certificate, you have 180 days from the day you paid to complete the course and earn a Course Certificate. You can also subscribe to a Specialization, which lets you pay monthly for access to courses in the Specialization until you complete the Specialization.

If you can't afford a fee for a course, you can apply for Financial Aid.

Pay for a course you're already enrolled in

If you are looking at course materials for free using the audit option, but want to earn a Course Certificate, you can switch to the paid option.

To upgrade to a Certificate in a course you're already enrolled in:

  1. Open the home page for the course you want to pay for.
  2. From the course page, click Purchase Course. You can also click Upgrade from any assignment page.

Pay for an individual course

Some courses are available for a one-time fee. Some courses that are part of Specializations are only offered through subscription payments. You can’t make a one-time payment for a course on a subscription model.

If you only want to take a single course, you can subscribe to the Specialization for as long as it takes you to complete that course, then cancel your subscription once you finish.

To pay for or subscribe to a course:

  1. Open the home page for the course you want to pay for
  2. Click Enroll
  3. Follow the payment instructions. You may have the option to begin with a free trial, which will become a paid option after 7 days unless you cancel.

Transfer a course payment

Once you pay the fee for a specific course, you can't transfer that payment to a different course. You can apply the fee to any session of that course within 180 days of your payment.

You can't transfer payments between accounts. For more information about multiple accounts, check our Honor Code.

International payments

You can make payments on Coursera using an approved method in your country. Some course prices are always displayed in $USD, while other course prices are shown in the local currency. To check which currency a price is displayed in, check the currency symbol next to the price on the checkout page.

Unfortunately, due to international restrictions, payments from certain countries cannot be processed on Coursera.

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