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Solve problems with your verification

If you're having problems verifying your identity, you can try verifying again later after troubleshooting the issue, or using a different device.

My images won't upload

If you can't upload photos from your device, make sure:
Most courses on Coursera require Name Verification to earn a Certificate. Degree, MasterTrack, and Professional Certificate courses require ID Verification to earn a Certificate. If you already finished your ID Verification but still can’t see your Certificate, try
Waiting a few days.

If you’ve recently submitted your ID verification, you may need to wait for it to be reviewed and approved.

Making sure you submitted the right materials.

ID verification won’t be approved if you don’t include a clear photo of yourself and a valid form of ID.

Checking your email.

If there is a problem with your ID verification, you’ll get an email from Coursera explaining the problem.

Checking your Settings page.

If you haven’t successfully finished your ID verification, you’ll see a note about it on your Settings page.

I need to change or update something on my ID Verification

If you have Name Verification, you can click Request a name change in the “ID Verification” section of your Settings page.

If you have ID Verification, you won't be able to change your information after it's approved.

You cannot change the capitalization of your name. Both ID Verification and Name Verification use all capital letters for your name.

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