Save your payment information

When you enter your credit card information in Coursera, your payment information will be saved to use again in the future. When you start a subscription or free trial, your credit card will continue to be charged until you cancel your subscription.

When you save your payment information in Coursera, we'll store your information securely. You can change your payment information or delete a saved credit card any time using your Settings page. You can save more than one credit card to your Coursera account, and choose which card you want to use at checkout.

To change your payment information:

  1. Open your Settings page
  2. Click Payment
  3. Click EDIT

Options for saving your payment information

When you check Save your credit card information for future purchases, the next time you want to pay for something on Coursera, your credit card information will already be entered for you on the payment page.

When you check Use 1-step payment for future purchases, the next time you want to pay for a course, you won’t be taken to a payment page. Your credit card will be charged as soon as you click the Pay button from the course home page.

If you make an accidental payment, you can refund it.

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