A Coursera Specialization is a series of related courses designed to help you master a specific topic.

Some shorter Specializations include as few as three courses and only take a few months to finish. Longer Specializations can include ten or more courses and take up to a year.

You can begin a Specialization by enrolling in the entire specialization or a single course in the Specialization.

Specialization Certificates

When you finish and pay for a Specialization, you get a Specialization Certificate. You'll also get Course Certificates for each course you complete in a Specialization.

Capstone Projects

All Specializations include a hands-on Capstone Project, which may be made up of projects throughout the Specialization courses, or it may be a separate course in the Specialization. (Not all Capstone Projects are named "Capstone.")

You'll need to complete the Capstone Project to get credit for the Specialization. If your Specialization contains a separate Capstone Project course, you'll need to earn Certificates in all the other courses in the Specialization before you can take the Capstone Project.

Industry partners

Some Specializations are offered in collaboration with Coursera's Global Skills Initiative industry partners.

Industry partners may support the Specialization in different ways, including:

  • Providing data or case studies for Capstone Project prompts
  • Contributing content through guest lectures or co-development of course materials
  • Offering perks or rewards to learners who submit outstanding projects
  • Assisting with course production funding

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