Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects are hands-on projects that let you apply what you've learned in a Specialization to a practical question or problem related to the Specialization topic.

Some Specializations end with a Capstone Project. Others include projects throughout the Specialization.

Examples of Capstone Projects include:

  • Analyzing a business case study and making strategy recommendations
  • Developing an original web or mobile application
  • Writing an in-depth research paper

You'll need to complete the Capstone Project to get credit for the Specialization.

Enroll in a Capstone Project

If the Capstone Project for a Specialization is a separate project, you'll need to enroll in the project just like a course.

Many capstone courses require you to have earned Course Certificates for all other courses in that Specialization. If you are having trouble enrolling in a capstone course, check your Accomplishments page to make sure you have Course Certificates for all the other courses in that Specialization.

Capstone courses don’t offer the audit option. If the course home page for a capstone course is missing the audit option, you’ll need to pay for the course to access course materials.

To join a Capstone once you've earned Course Certificates for all the courses in that Specialization:

  1. From your Coursera account, click Enrollments.
  2. Click on the Specialization you want to enroll in the Capstone Project for.
  3. Click the Capstone Project course title at the bottom of the Specialization course list.
  4. To join the course, click Enroll.

If you paid in advance for the entire Specialization, your Capstone course fee is included in your Specialization fee. If you're paying by course, you'll need to pay for the Capstone when you enroll.

Capstone Project grading

Some Capstone Projects are peer-graded using Coursera's standard peer grading system. Other Capstone Projects are automatically graded or graded by experts.

In some Specializations, you will be evaluated only on your final project submission. In other Specializations, you will get separate grades for each section of the project.

To receive a passing grade for the Capstone, you will need to:

  • Receive a passing grade for the final project and any required sections. 
  • Complete all required evaluations of your peers' work.

Length of Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects vary in length, but you can expect to spend about 4 to 8 weeks working on your project, making revisions, and reviewing the work of your peers. Most Capstone Projects require about 40 hours of total work time.

Awards and incentives

In some Specializations, learners who submit outstanding Capstone Projects may be eligible for awards and incentives provided by academic and industry partners.

Examples of awards and incentives include:

  • Virtual discussions with instructors or industry leaders
  • Promotion of the project in key publications or channels
  • Fee waivers for partner programs

Incentives are offered at the discretion of the Specialization creators and sponsors, and are not guaranteed in all Specializations or Capstone courses.

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