Solve problems with your Coursera account

If you need to change your Coursera account settings, like your name, email address, or password, you can use your Settings page.

If you're having trouble with your Coursera account, check below.

I can't log in to my Coursera account

If you can't log in to your Coursera account:

My email address isn't working

If you see a message that says "We couldn't find an account associated with that email address" when you try to log in or change your password, the problem could be:

  • You used a different address when you made your Coursera account. If you have a different email address, try using that one.
  • You mis-typed your email address when you made your Coursera account. Try entering common typos or variations on your email address.

A course I enrolled in is missing from my account

If you can't find a new course after you enroll, check your Enrollments tab for a list of your enrolled courses.

My Coursera email was changed without my permission

When you use your Settings to change the email address you use on Coursera, we'll send you an email.

If you get an email about a change to your email address, but you didn't change your email in your Account Settings, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

I can't verify my email

If you can't verify your email, try searching your email inbox for an email called “Action Required: Please confirm your email.” It may be in your spam folder.

If you have not received this email, try sending the confirmation email again.

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