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Quizzes are automatically-graded assignments used to test your knowledge in a course. In some courses, quizzes are called "homework" or "exams."

Quiz scores

After you finish and submit a quiz, you'll see your score. For some quizzes, you might also see feedback, like hints or explanations, for each question.

Most quizzes require you to get a certain score to pass the quiz. The passing score will be on the quiz page. After submitting a quiz, you'll see whether you earned a high enough score to pass.

For every course you take, make sure you check the syllabus and course policies for quiz policies and grading information.

Multiple choice quiz questions

For multiple choice quiz questions, you'll need to choose the right answer to a question.

If the answer options for a quiz question are round, there is only one right answer. You can only choose one at a time.

If the answer options for a quiz are square, there might be more than one right answer. In some courses, you need to choose all the right answers to get points for the question. In other courses, you can get partial credit for choosing some of the right answers.

Short answer quiz questions

For short answer quiz questions, you'll need to type in the right answer.

Capitalization doesn’t matter, but your answer needs to match the instructor’s right answer. Make sure you follow the course’s directions for formatting your answers. Avoid extra spaces and punctuation.

Quiz attempts

  • You can take the same quiz as many times as you want to.
  • Some quizzes might require you to wait a certain amount of time before trying again.
  • Your highest-scoring attempt will be saved and will count as your final score for the quiz.
Note: Quiz policies might be different for learners in private groups, like degree or enterprise learners. If you're taking a course as part of a degree or through another program, check the course info or ask your admin. 


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