Write peer reviews

When an assignment is peer reviewed, you'll get feedback from other people taking the course. You'll also need to review other people's assignments and give them feedback.

Submit feedback for peer reviewed assignments

You'll be asked to start giving peer reviews as soon as you submit your own assignment.

Tips for giving useful feedback

Remember that when you give peer feedback, your name will be visible.

To give useful feedback, always try to include:

  • Positive feedback about what they did well
  • Helpful suggestions for how to improve
  • Specific comments about why you gave the grade you chose

When giving peer feedback, never include:

  • Comments about things that aren't part of the assignment, like the writer's political beliefs or language skills
  • Sarcasm
  • Profanity
  • Personal attacks

Solve problems with feedback

If you're having trouble giving helpful feedback, ask for help in the course's discussion forums.

If you believe someone is plagiarizing or violating Coursera's Honor Code, you can report them.

If you come across an assignment that has a broken link or is missing content, please mark your peer's assignment with a 0, and describe the problem in the comments.

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