Third-party tools

Some courses use third-party tools to add extra features to their courses. Your instructor should provide more information about third-party tools through course announcements, readings and videos, or other resources.

These tools are integrated with Coursera through the Learning Technologies Interoperability (LTI) framework.

Sign in to a third-party tool

When you use a third-party tool, you’ll be asked to share your Coursera user ID, full name, and/or registered email address with the third-party tool provider.

This information is used to log into the tool through your Coursera account. Your work using the third-party tool will be linked to your Coursera's profile, which lets your instructor track your progress and give you Coursera credit for your work.

Security of third-party tools

Coursera takes all possible steps to protect the security of information shared with third-party tools. However, the third-party tool provider is ultimately responsible for the security and functionality of the tool itself.

Solve problems with third-party tools

If you're having trouble with third-party tools in a course, try posting in the discussion forum for that course.

Instructors are responsible for documenting and maintaining tools integrated with their courses, so Coursera's support team will usually not be able to help with troubleshooting issues.

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