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Solve problems with Course Certificates

If you're having issues with your Course Certificate, check for your issue below.

If you submitted all required assignments in a course but don't see a Course Certificate on your Accomplishments page, you may not have fully completed the course. Check to make sure:

Your ID Verification has been approved.

To check, open your Accomplishments page. If you see a link asking you to complete your ID Verification, you need to finish your ID Verification before getting a Course Certificate.

All your assignments have received grades, including peer reviewed assignments.

It may take some time to receive a final grade from your peers; if you just submitted your assignment, check back in a few days. You also need to submit the required number of peer reviews for other learners in the course to get a grade.

You passed all required assignments, or you met the course passing threshold.

In most courses, you need a passing grade on all required assignments to get a Course Certificate. In cumulative graded courses, you need to meet the course passing threshold. Check the Grades tab to see your current course grade or check for are assignments you still need to pass.

The course offers a Certificate.

Some course do not offer Course Certificates. To see which courses you've taken don't offer Certificates, check the "Other Completed Courses section" of your Accomplishments page.

The name on your Course Certificates is the full name you used for your ID Verification.

If you made a mistake when setting up your ID Verification, or if your name changes for another reason, you can request a name change.

To request a name change:

  1. Log into your Coursera account
  2. Open your Accomplishments page
  3. Click Request a name change 
  4. Enter your first, middle (optional), and last names in the space provided.
  5. Tell us your reason for requesting a name change in the space provided.
  6. Click Change now.
You'll need to wait a few days for your request to be approved.

Name change requests are reviewed by our team. If your request is approved, the change will show up on your Course Certificates and Accomplishments page in a few days.

If the name that you use in your name change request doesn't match the name on the photo ID you used for your ID Verification, your request may not be approved.

If you're having trouble with identity verification for a Course Certificate, check our verification troubleshooting page.

If you're having problems with Course Certificate payment or want a refund, check our payments troubleshooting page.

You can see all the Course Certificates you've earned on your Accomplishments page.

If you can’t find a Course Certificate that you already earned, check to make sure:
You're signed in to the right account.
You completed all the steps to earn that Certificate, including ID Verification and payment.

For cumulative graded courses, the Course Certificate will release as soon as you meet the course passing threshold. This may happen before the session ends. Even if you meet the minimum course passing threshold, you should continue submitting any outstanding assignments by their deadlines. For Degree cumulative graded courses, your final grade will be calculated when the session ends.

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