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Solve problems with payments

If you're having issues with payments on Coursera, find your problem below.

If you submitted a payment, check your My Purchases page to see if it went through.

If a payment you made doesn't show up in your purchases, check your bank statement to see if the payment was processed by your bank.

If your bank has a record of the purchase, but it's not appearing on Coursera, check to see if you have a different Coursera account.

If Coursera can't process your payment, try:

You can cancel a payment by requesting a refund.

If you made a non-subscription payment for a Coursera course, you have 180 days from your payment to complete all the coursework and earn your Certificate. Within those 180 days, you can switch sessions and take the course as many times as you want.

You can see how many days you have left on a course payment by checking your My Purchases page. If your payment expires before you finish all the coursework, you’ll need to pay for the course again to earn a Certificate.

Unfortunately, Coursera cannot grant extensions or exceptions. If you're subscribed to a Specialization, you will be able to access the course for as long as your Specialization subscription is active.
If you pay for a Coursera course but don’t earn your Certificate within 180 days or during your active subscription, your payment will expire. If you want to complete the course and earn your Certificate after your payment expires, you’ll need to pay for the course again. Unfortunately, Coursera is unable to grant extensions or exceptions.

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