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Complete a Specialization

To complete a Specialization and earn a Specialization Certificate, you will need to:

Take courses in a Specialization

Most courses in Specializations are offered in recurring sessions. Each session has a specific start date. Learners in the same session move through the course together according to a weekly deadline schedule.

Even if you pre-pay for the Specialization, you will need to enroll in a session for each course as you go through the Specialization. You can see each course's upcoming session dates on that course's information page.

Course schedules in Specializations

You can join any course session that fits in your schedule. If the upcoming session dates for a course in your Specialization don't work for you, you can check back in a few weeks to see dates for later sessions. Sessions reoccur every 2-4 weeks.

You can take the courses in a Specialization in any order. You can take multiple courses in a Specialization at the same time. However, we strongly suggest taking the courses in the order recommended by the Specialization.

Repeat courses in a Specialization

You can re-attempt a course in a Specialization in a later session.

Count previously completed courses toward a Specialization

If you've already completed a course in a Specialization and earned a Course Certificate, it will count toward your Specialization Certificate, even if you earned the Course Certificate before you enrolled in the Specialization.

If you completed work in a course but didn’t get a Certificate, you will need to get a Certificate for the course to count toward your Specialization.

Single-Language Restriction for Specialization Certificates

Some Specializations are available in multiple languages. In these Specializations, you must complete every course and the Capstone Project in one language to earn a Specialization Certificate.

For example, if you take the Chinese-language version of course 1, and the English-language versions of courses 2, 3, and the Capstone, you will not earn a Specialization Certificate.

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