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Complete a Specialization

To complete a Specialization and earn a Specialization Certificate, you will need to:


Course schedules in Specializations

When you join a course, you'll get personalized deadlines for that course to help you stay on track. If you fall behind, you can re-set your personalized deadlines.

You can take the courses in a Specialization in any order. You can take multiple courses in a Specialization at the same time. However, we strongly suggest taking the courses in the order recommended by the Specialization.

Repeat courses in a Specialization

You can re-attempt a course in a Specialization for as long as your payment or subscription is active.

Count previously completed courses toward a Specialization

If you've already completed a course in a Specialization and earned a Course Certificate, it will count toward your Specialization Certificate, even if you earned the Course Certificate before you enrolled in the Specialization.

If you completed work in a course but didn’t get a Certificate, you will need to get a Certificate for the course to count toward your Specialization.

Single-Language Restriction for Specialization Certificates

Some Specializations are available in multiple languages. In these Specializations, you must complete every course and the Capstone Project in one language to earn a Specialization Certificate.

For example, if you take the Chinese-language version of course 1, and the English-language versions of courses 2, 3, and the Capstone, you will not earn a Specialization Certificate.

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