Solve problems with Specializations

If you're having trouble with your Specialization, find your issue below.

I can't enroll in the Capstone Project

For some courses, you won't be able to join a Capstone Project, or see Capstone prompts and other content, until you've earned Course Certificates for all the courses in the Specialization.

If you don't see the option to join a Capstone Project, check your Accomplishments page to make sure you've been issued Course Certificates for all preceding courses.

If you're missing a Course Certificate for a course you completed, check our Course Certificate troubleshooting page.

I didn't get a Specialization Certificate

If you finished a Specialization but don't have a Specialization Certificate for it, check to make sure:

  • If the Specialization requires it, you've earned Course Certificates in all courses, including the Capstone.
  • Your Name or ID Verification is complete.

I want to unenroll from or get a refund for a Specialization

After you enroll, you can unenroll from a Specialization. If you're having a problem with payments or refunds, check our Payments section.


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