Take a degree course

To take a degree course, you need to enroll through the degree course enrollment process. You can also take a Coursera course for a Course Certificate if you can't or don't want to take it as part of a degree program.

Degree course assignments

Some degree courses on Coursera have extra degree-only assignments. These assignments won't show up for people taking the course outside of the degree program.

Degree-only assignments are designed to go with the rest of the course materials, so you should do them along with the rest of your work. You'll see degree-only assignments underneath the course's standard assignments.

Troubleshoot degree courses

Degree courses work the same as other Coursera courses. You can get help with grades, peer reviews, course forums, and other parts of the course by checking for articles on those topics in the Learner Help Center.

Some degree courses include third party programs like Zoom or Slack. If you’re having problems with Zoom or Slack, check the Zoom help center or the Slack help center.

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