Resubmit a staff-graded assignment in a Degree course

If you submitted a staff-graded assignment for a degree course and want to resubmit before the deadline, first check the course syllabus or Onboarding Course for the resubmission policy.

If assignment resubmissions are permitted for your degree course, there are two options to resubmit:

If you are able to resubmit on your own, you will see a blue button to resubmit when you visit the "My Assignment" tab on the assignment page. 

If you do not see the option to resubmit, you may still be able to resubmit your assignment with staff assistance. Please email your designated program support email alias with the document for your assignment resubmission attached to the email. If the course staff accepts your resubmission, they will upload it for you.

If you resubmit an assignment before the deadline, only your most recent submission will be graded.

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