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Unenroll from a Degree course

To unenroll from a degree course:

  1. Contact the university providing the degree program. (Note: The Drop/Withdrawal process will be outlined in the Onboarding Course)
  2. Request to unenroll from the degree course with explanation
  3. Depending on when and why you request to unenroll, your request may be processed per the degree program’s Drop/Withdrawal policy

If your request is approved, then the course will be removed from your Degree Home Page on Coursera.

Depending on your program and the degree course, you may be permitted to switch to the public (MOOC) version of the course. The MOOC will have some of the content of the degree course, and you can get ahead for the next time you take the course by completing the MOOC assignments. The deadlines in the MOOC course are flexible, and you can complete the assignments at your own pace.

If you have already paid the Coursera fee for your degree course, you will not have to pay for the MOOC. If you have not yet paid the Coursera fee, you will need to pay the fee if you are interested in taking the MOOC.

If you would like to completely drop the MOOC, see more information about dropping a course on Coursera here.

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