Third party tools and exam proctoring in Degree programs

Some degree programs use third-party tools to add extra features to the learner experience. A complete list of tools are outlined in your degree program’s Onboarding Course. 


You may have access to a Slack team open to degree students in your program. Slack is a tool that lets you chat with your classmates in real-time.

To join your Degree program's private Slack:

  1. Log into
  2. Open the Degree course you want to join the Slack for
  3. Open the assignment page for a team project
  4. On the team project assignment page, click the Slack button

Once you join a Slack for a Degree team, you can see all the private team project Slack channels you are part of on the Team Work page for that course.


Depending on the degree course, you may have the opportunity to participate in live events using Zoom. Zoom lets you video chat, talk, and text chat with your program staff and peers during the time that the Zoom event is taking place.

If your course includes live events, you can access them on a computer, a mobile browser, or in the Android app. Live events are not available on the iOS app.

Exam Proctoring

A degree course may require you to take a proctored exam. Depending on your degree program, you will use a remote test proctoring service integrated on Coursera, such as ProctorU or Examity. To take a proctored exam, you will need to:

  1. Schedule the exam. Instructions on how to schedule a proctored exam can be found in the degree course or Onboarding Course.
  2. On exam day, connect with the proctor who will check proctoring requirements (your photo ID, workspace view, webcam, etc.).
  3. The proctor will begin the Password Quiz to unlock the exam on Coursera.
  4. You will take the exam on Coursera as supervised and timed by the proctor.

If you have any questions scheduling or starting your proctored exam, check ProctorU or Examity support. If you experience technical issues on the Coursera platform during a proctored exam, take screenshots and send them to a Coursera support agent.

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