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Check your written assignments for plagiarism

Some assignments have an option to check your written work for plagiarism before you submit it. If this option is enabled for an assignment, you’ll see a Check for Plagiarism button at the bottom of the screen after you upload your assignment.

Running your work through the plagiarism tool does not submit it for a grade. You’ll still need to submit your assignment on Coursera before the assignment deadline. You can re-check your plagiarism score as many times as you like, as long as your assignment is submitted on Coursera before the deadline.

To check your work for plagiarism:

  1. Open the Assignment page for the assignment you want to check
  2. Enter or upload your assignment
  3. Click Check for Plagiarism
  4. Wait for your score to appear (you may need to refresh the page)
  5. To see your complete report, click View plagiarism report

Understand your plagiarism score

A higher score means a higher possibility that your work was plagiarized or was not properly cited. Your score may change over time as the tool indexes more written work. Learn more about how the tool works here.

Change your plagiarism score

When you check your work with the plagiarism tool, you can see your score and feedback. If you want to change your plagiarism score, edit your work based on the plagiarism report and feedback. (Always check your program’s policies and timelines for resubmitting work.)

Plagiarized work

If your assignment gets a high plagiarism score, it may receive a low grade or no credit. If your program allows, you can re-write and re-submit your assignment if you want to change your plagiarism score. If you need support on improving your score, please reach out to your degree program’s support email address.

Troubleshoot the plagiarism tool

When you check your work with the plagiarism tool, it can take a few minutes to complete the indexing. If the score does not update within 5-10 minutes of your submission, try again.

If you’re having trouble with the plagiarism tool, check the Vericite (TurnItIn) Student Help center.

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