Check your written assignments for plagiarism

Some written assignments include an option to check your work for plagiarism before submitting. If your assignment has this option enabled, you’ll see a Check for Plagiarism button under the field for writing or uploading text.

Note: This is a feature for learners enrolled in degree programs or Coursera for Campus. To learn more about why we don’t tolerate plagiarism and flagging plagiarized content, see the Coursera Honor Code.

Check for plagiarism

Once you’ve saved a draft of your assignment:

  1. Click Check for Plagiarism.
  2. Wait for your similarity score to appear. It may take a few minutes to appear depending on the content of your assignment.
  3. Once your score appears, click View plagiarism report to see more details.

Checking your work with the plagiarism tool doesn’t submit it for a grade. You still need to submit your assignment before the deadline to receive a grade. Your instructor will be able to see the last similarity score you generated before submitting.

If you receive a high similarity score for original work, edit your assignment before submitting.

Troubleshoot the plagiarism tool

If you don’t see a score after clicking Check for plagiarism, wait a few minutes as the plagiarism tool reviews your assignment. The tool may take more time to generate a score on assignments with more content or on more complex topics.

If the text you provided is under 20 words, the plagiarism tool can’t give it a score. Adjust your text to be over 20 words, save the draft, then click Check for plagiarism again.

Similarity score

Our plagiarism tool uses a service called Turnitin to generate a similarity score for an assignment. A higher score means a higher possibility that your work contains plagiarism or isn’t correctly cited. To learn more about how Turnitin generates this score, see their documentation.

If you submit an assignment with a high similarity score to your instructor or peer reviewer, you may get a lower grade or no credit as plagiarism violates the Coursera Honor Code.

Generate a new similarity score

To generate a new similarity score after editing your assignment:

  1. Reupload or type your edited text into the assignment.
  2. Save the draft.
  3. Click Check for plagiarism again.

Troubleshoot high similarity scores for original work

If you’re seeing a high similarity score for original work, edit your assignment with these tips in mind:

  • Format all quotes and sources so the tool excludes them
  • Review the plagiarism report for specific text the tool flagged as similar to other content, then edit or rewrite that text

Once you’ve edited your assignment, generate a new similarity score before submitting for a grade.

If you’re still having issues with your similarity score’s accuracy or display, follow these steps:

  • Degree learners - Contact your degree program using their support email address.
  • Coursera for Campus learners - Contact Coursera support.

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