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Solve problems with Qwiklabs

Qwiklabs is a third-party tool used for labs in some Coursera courses.

For Qwiklabs assignments that require an account on Qwiklabs, you will need to register using a Gmail account. Some Qwiklabs accounts also require a credit card.

Qwiklabs requires the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge; Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ or Safari 8+. Qwiklabs does not work in Safari private mode.

For more information and help with Qwiklabs, check the Qwiklabs FAQ here

If you are having trouble logging in to Qwiklabs, try:

  • Making sure you are logged out of your personal Gmail account.
  • Using the username and password provided in the Connection Details console
  • For VM credentials, delete the username and password. Set the username as "student" and use the password in your "Connection Details," then click OK

If you're having trouble submitting a Qwiklabs assignment, try:

  • Waiting around 10 minutes
  • Logging out of your personal Gmail account
  • Setting your username as "student" for Qwiklabs credentials

If your score is not syncing from Qwiklabs to Coursera, try:

  • Launching the lab from the Coursera assignment page by navigating to the assignment and clicking OPEN TOOL. (Do not start the assignment from within the Qwiklabs catalog)
  • When you have completed the lab, click END LAB to sync the lab with Coursera.

If your score is not updating within the lab:

  1. After clicking "Start Lab," you will see a progress bar. Please wait until the progress bar is completely filled.
  2. For complex assignments and those using VM, wait a few minutes (up to 10 min)
  3. Click on the green SCORE square, then click RUN STEP

Update Qwiklabs quotas 

In Google IT Certificate programs, some learners may reach a per-assignment-quota. To reset this quota, contact Qwiklabs support with your Coursera email and the name of the assignment you'd like to reset.

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