Solve problems with Qwiklabs

Qwiklabs is a third-party tool used for labs in some Coursera courses.

For Qwiklabs assignments that require an account on Qwiklabs, you will need to register using a Gmail account. Some Qwiklabs accounts also require a credit card.

Qwiklabs requires the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Qwiklabs does not work in Safari private mode.

For more information and help with Qwiklabs, check the Qwiklabs FAQ here

Login issues

If you are having trouble logging in to Qwiklabs, try:

  • Making sure you are logged out of your personal Gmail account.
  • Using the username and password provided in the Connection Details console
  • For VM credentials, delete the username and password. Set the username as "student" and use the password in your "Connection Details," then click OK

Submission issues

If you're having trouble submitting a Qwiklabs assignment, try:

  • Waiting around 10 minutes
  • Logging out of your personal Gmail account
  • Setting your username as "student" for Qwiklabs credentials

Score not syncing

If your score is not syncing from Qwiklabs to Coursera, try:

  • Launching the lab from the Coursera assignment page by navigating to the assignment and clicking OPEN TOOL. (Do not start the assignment from within the Qwiklabs catalog)
  • When you have completed the lab, click END LAB to sync the lab with Coursera.

Score not updating

If your score is not updating within the lab:

  1. After clicking "Start Lab," you will see a progress bar. Please wait until the progress bar is completely filled.
  2. For complex assignments and those using VM, wait a few minutes (up to 10 min)
  3. Click on the green SCORE square, then click RUN STEP

Update Qwiklabs quotas

In Google IT Certificate programs, some learners may reach a per-assignment-quota. To reset this quota, contact Qwiklabs support with your Coursera email and the name of the assignment you'd like to reset.

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