Download Jupyter Workspace files

As of September 2020, your Jupyter Notebook lesson items have been migrated to Coursera Labs. Please refer to this article if you run into any issues accessing or using Coursera Labs.

Coursera Labs is a premium feature for in-browser assessments, designed to better support your learning journey. The feature is typically available to paid and financial aid learners. 

If you are auditing a course with Lab items behind the paywall after migration, we will not be able to support recovering access to your workspace. Check out the full announcement here.


NOTE: If your Lab environment includes a “Lab Help” modal on the top right hand corner, please refer to this article instead for instructions on how to download your Jupyter Workspace files.


If you’ve completed Jupyter notebook assignments in a Coursera course, you can download your files so you can run them locally once the course ends. Your files will not stay on Coursera indefinitely, so you'll need to download them if you want to keep them.

Download a single notebook

To download a single notebook:

  1. Open the notebook you want to download
  2. Click File
  3. Click Download As
  4. Choose a file format, then download your notebook.

Download all of your notebooks at the same time

To download all of your Jupyter Workspace files at the same time:

  1. Launch one of your notebooks from
  2. In the top-right, click the Coursera or Jupyter logo.
  3. You'll see a file view page that lists all Jupyter resources in your current course. Click the New, then select Terminal to open the system command line.
  4. You'll see a shell prompt open. In the shell prompt, type or paste the following statements:
    • # Remove the previous archive, if it exists: rm -f ~/workspace.tar.gz && rm  -f ~/work/workspace.tar.gz

    • # Create a zipped archive of your workspace directory: tar -czf ~/workspace.tar.gz ~/work

    • # Move the archive into the workspace directory so you can see it: mv ~/workspace.tar.gz ~/work/workspace.tar.gz

  5. Once the commands run successfully, click on the ‘Coursera’ logo again to return to the file view.
  6. In the file view, select workspace.tar.gz, then click Download. Your browser will download the workspace archive, which is yours to keep.
  7. Remove the archive file: rm ~/work/workspace.tar.gz*

Note: If your zip file is larger than 100MB, you will need to split it up into smaller files instead and download each of them, using the following commands:

  • tar -czf - ~/work | split --bytes=100MB - ~/workspace.tar.gz

  • mv ~/workspace.tar.gz* ~/work/


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