MasterTrack courses & certificates

MasterTracks are a semester-length series of courses that are only available as a unit. You can't take individual courses as part of a MasterTrack.

MasterTrack Certificates

MasterTrack Certificates are only released after the entire MasterTrack is completed. You can apply MasterTrack Certificates as credit towards a degree.

MasterTrack payments

MasterTrack programs cost between $2,000 and $5,000. Payments for MasterTracks are made in bulk or in installments toward a payment for the entire MasterTrack.

The installment payment plan lets you make four equal payments on four consecutive months. Once you start the installment plan, you'll still be charged for the entire program even if you don't complete it. Refund policies for these payments will be program specific.

Financial aid or free audit access is not available for MasterTrack courses.

Note: To purchase a MasterTrack as an India-based learner, your bank must be compliant with the Reserve Bank of India regardless of payment method. If you're unsure if your bank is compliant, reach out to them directly for more information.

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