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Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus lets you pay an annual subscription to access the majority of the courses on Coursera. While subscribed to Coursera Plus, you can take as many courses as you'd like. There is no limit to courses you can enroll in or Course Certificates you can earn.

You will earn a Course Certificate for any course that you complete using your Coursera Plus subscription, as long as your name verification is complete and you successfully pass the course. 

Content included in Coursera Plus

To find courses included in a Coursera Plus subscription, look for courses marked with the Coursera Plus badge, or check here to see all the content included in Coursera Plus.

For-credit content, like Degree and MasterTrack courses, and some Professional Certificates are not included in Coursera Plus.

Cancel a Coursera Plus subscription

To cancel your Coursera Plus subscription:

  1. Log in to
  2. Open the menu in the upper right corner of the page and choose My Purchases
  3. Click Manage Subscriptions
  4. Click on the subscription you want to cancel, then click Cancel subscription

Canceling your Coursera Plus subscription will not refund past payments, but will stop all future payments. You will still have access to all Coursera Plus content until the date of your next scheduled payment.

Existing Coursera subscriptions

If you have existing subscriptions to Coursera specializations, they will not automatically cancel when you start a Coursera Plus subscription. You must cancel your existing subscriptions to avoid being charged for both Coursera Plus and single Specialization subscriptions. None of your course progress will be impacted by canceling this subscription.

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