Timed Exams

Some degree programs include timed assessments. When you start a timed assessment, you'll see a box letting you know how much time you have to finish.

Once the time is up, whatever work you've done on the Coursera platform will be automatically submitted. You won't be able to change or add to it.

Tracking your time

You can always check how much time you have remaining by checking the clock at the top of the page. The clock will turn red when you have two minutes left.

Even if you close the assignment or open a different window, the timer will continue - so make sure you keep track of your time as you work.

Automatic submission for timed exams

After the time is up, your work will be automatically submitted for you. You don't need to do anything to submit your work. Once your work has been auto-submitted, you'll see a screen letting you know that your work has been submitted, and you'll also get an email confirming this. 

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