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Rhyme - User Interface Controls

Customizing the sidebar

To resize your sidebar, you can use the separator between the sidebar and the main cloud desktop screen by dragging the three dots left and right. There are three predefined states that can be accessed from the quick menu on the top of the sidebar. We have Dock, which will set the sidebar to the initial width, along with the option to Expand the whole sidebar so that the video can use as much screen as available. Finally, there is the Close position if you need more space for the cloud desktop.


Rescaling the video

You can find the controls to scale the video on the bottom right under the video player. All tasks start at 100%, and the scales that we support are [50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 120%, 130%, 140%, 150%]


Sidebar tabs

The four icons in the sidebar are actually four different tabs that the you can access. The first one (looking like a camera) is the “Host” tab. In it, there is a recorded video or a cloud desktop broadcasted by the guide. The second is the “Chat” tab, where you can chat with other learners. The “Settings” tab has settings related to the cloud desktop. At the bottom is the “Files” tab, where you can upload and download files to your cloud desktop.


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