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Rhyme - Navigating to your cloud desktop

Your Rhyme cloud desktop can be accessed from the project assignment page in your course. When accessing your cloud desktop, you must be logged in to Coursera. For this reason, we strongly recommend always navigating to Rhyme via the link on the Rhyme assignment page. Prior to entering your cloud desktop, you will see a page saying ‘Joining’ (shown below), indicating that you are entering a cloud desktop session. 


When doing a project a Rhyme, you receive a limited number of “sessions”, i.e. number of single uses, in which you may access your cloud desktop. A single session may used up if:

  • You exit your cloud desktop session by closing your tab/window
  • Your cloud desktop session times out


When you have used up all of your available sessions, you will no longer be able to access your Rhyme cloud desktop. 

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