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Solving Issues with Rhyme Guided Projects

Rhyme Guided Projects will vary based on the course content needs and configuration. As a first step, please make sure to reference any resources that your instructor may have created for your specific course needs.

Your Rhyme cloud desktop can be accessed from the project assignment page in your course. When accessing your cloud desktop, you must be logged in to Coursera. For this reason, we strongly recommend always navigating to Rhyme via the link on the Rhyme assignment page.

If you run out of cloud desktop sessions:

When doing a guided project, you receive a limited number of “sessions”, i.e. number of single uses, in which you may access your cloud desktop. A single session may used up if:

  • You exit your cloud desktop session by closing your tab/window
  • Your cloud desktop session times out

If you are unable to access a project’s cloud desktop and receive the message “You will not longer be assigned a cloud desktop”, please contact Coursera Support. 

To download your guided project files locally:

In a guided project, you can download available project files to store locally on your computer. To do this, click on the Files tab in the sidebar. You can find the grey 'Files’ icon below the 'Settings' option. To view all downloadable files, click 'Show All'. After you have navigated to the files you would like to download, click on the file in the file browser. This will prompt a pop-up requesting confirmation of file download, which will allow the file to begin downloading. 

To upload a file to your guided project:

To upload files to your cloud desktop, you'll need to open the Files tab from the sidebar, then click on the “Upload files to your cloud desktop” option. This will prompt you to select files for upload. If a file upload fails, we recommend that you use a file sharing service, such as

To chat with other learners in your guided project:

The chat option can be found in the sidebar. If there are other learners available to chat with, you will be able to find them via the list available when the chat tab is opened. At the top, you can find “Everyone”, which is a public chat thread with everyone in the room. When private or public messages are received, you will be notified if you do not have the chat tab opened. Please note that the guided project chat function is not a Coursera Support function. To receive assistance with a technical issue, please contact Coursera Support through the Coursera Learner Help Center. 

If your cloud desktop freezes or becomes unresponsive:

To restore function to your cloud desktop, first try closing the tab/window that your cloud desktop is open in and then immediately re-open your cloud desktop from the guided project page. If you find that your cloud desktop is still unresponsive, close the tab/window and wait for 20-30 minutes before reopening again.

If you’re having connectivity issues with your cloud desktop:

As a first step, if you find that your cloud desktop is displaying a “Connecting…” screen for longer than 1-3 minutes, please check that your internet connection is strong and stable. If your internet connection is stable and your cloud desktop still does not connect, please refresh the page. This should correct any connectivity issues. 

If your cloud desktop session has timed out:

Your guided project cloud desktop will timeout after a certain amount of inactivity. To enter a new session, you can either open your guided project from the project page or, if your session is still open in a tab or window, you can simply refresh the page.

If your file upload to a Jupyter Notebook fails:

As a first step, please ensure that you have uploaded an allowed file type/size. Uploaded files are limited to 100mb. If the file upload failure continues, try using an alternate file upload method, such as

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