Specialization / Professional Certificate Program Versioning for Enterprise Learners

If a Specialization / Professional Certificate Program changes while you are taking it, you'll have the option to upgrade to the new version. Changes may consist of adding, removing, and/or replacing courses in order to improve content quality and learning objectives. More information on how to choose to upgrade to a new version  can be found here.


If you are accessing Coursera through a learning program (e.g. sponsored by your employer or other organizations partnering with Coursera, or through a Coursera initiative), your sponsored course enrollment availability and enrollment periods are limited by your learning program’s offering. 


For example, learners who joined through the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative (C4WR) or Coursera for Campus Basic / Student plan may not have enough enrollments left to enroll in additional courses resulting from a version upgrade.


You can always find and purchase or apply for Financial Aid for the rest of the courses from your consumer home page (by clicking on the down arrow on the upper left screen and selecting “My Coursera”), or reach out to your administrator for additional access.

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