Taiwan GUI (Government Uniform Invoice)

When you make a purchase on Coursera in Taiwan, we're required by law to assess and collect a Value Added Tax (VAT) and send you a standardized electronic invoice document called a Government Uniform Invoice (GUI or eGUI).

This requirement is specified in the “Time Limit for Issuing Sales Documentary Evidence” section of Taiwan’s “Value-added and Non-value-added Business Tax Act.” The content of the invoice is regulated and standardized for all businesses.

Receive a GUI after a purchase

After you make a purchase, we'll email your GUI to the email address associated with your Coursera account. Save this email so you can easily access your invoice number at any time. 

If you want your GUI sent to a different email address, contact us

GUI lottery

Each GUI we send you includes an invoice number that you can use to participate in the GUI lottery. To participate, use the “Claiming Reward App” and the “E-Invoice platform” from the Taiwan Ministry of Finance to register your email address and sign up for lottery result notifications.

Canceled or refunded purchases

If you cancel your purchase and get a refund, your GUI won’t be valid nor eligible for the lottery. We’ll issue you a receipt for the refunded amount.

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