SkillSets are job-based learning programs that help you develop proficiencies in certain skills. Each skill has a score based on assessment performance and a proficiency target set by your organization.

View and save SkillSets

To view SkillSets available to you, switch to your learning program. You’ll see two tabs that give you different ways to explore SkillSets:

  • Browse Catalog - Click this tab to see a list of SkillSets alongside relevant courses, then click View SkillSet to see more details on the SkillSet page.
  • SkillSets - Click this tab to see a list of all SkillSets with their skills and proficiency targets, then click Explore SkillSet to see more details on the SkillSet page.

Once you’ve found a SkillSet that’s right for you, click Save SkillSet in the top-right of the SkillSet page. This adds personalized course recommendations to your My Courses tab, which you can take in any order.

Skill score

If you’re new to Coursera, your initial skill score is zero, but it updates based on your performance on graded assessments. You don’t need to complete a course to increase your score or hit the proficiency target.

We weigh performance on assessments by difficulty. If you pass harder assessments, your score will increase faster. If you pass easier assessments, your score will increase slower. As your score gets higher, we’ll recommend more advanced content that you’ll need to take to increase it.

Proficiency targets

Proficiency targets are indicators of skill proficiency defined by your organization to communicate skill development goals and expectations.

They’re informed by Coursera platform data and subject matter experts, and customized by your organization.

Proficiency levels

We sort skill scores into four proficiency levels:

  • Conversant (1-50)
  • Beginner (51-150)
  • Intermediate (151-350)
  • Advanced (351 - 500)

Your program administrator can’t see your exact skill score. They only see your proficiency level and the average proficiency of all learners in the organization learning a skill.

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