Current grade

In Degree and MasterTrack courses that use mastery or cumulative grading, you may see a current grade at the top of the Grades page. The current grade is a weighted average of each graded assignment you’ve completed in the course so far.

Grade display varies by course and program, so you may not see a current grade for every course.

View current grade

To view your current grade, click the Grades tab in the left sidebar of your course. You’ll see your current grade at the top of the page along with a count of how many assignments you’ve completed and how many are coming up soon.

Once you receive grades for every assignment in a course, you’ll see your final grade here instead.


Your current grade is a weighted average of every graded, complete assignment in the course so far. Below your current grade you can see a list of assignments for the course. Only assignments that have a grade are part of the current grade.

Late or ungraded assignments

Your current grade won’t update to include an assignment until it’s late or receives a grade.

If you don’t submit an assignment by the due date, the current grade will update to reflect a grade of zero for that assignment. If you submit the assignment later and receive a grade, the current grade will reflect that new grade and any late penalties applied to it. If you have submitted an assignment on time but it hasn’t been graded yet, it won’t affect your current grade until it receives a grade.

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