Record and share public video lectures with the Live2Coursera Zoom app

This feature is gradually rolling out and may not be available to you yet.

The Live2Coursera Zoom App is a way for instructors and subject matter experts to share video lectures with their learners. With the Live2Coursera Zoom app, you can record live meetings in Zoom and publish the recorded video to Coursera on a public video lecture page. Anyone who has the URL to the video lecture page can view it on Coursera for free, with full access to listen to audio only and download videos in high resolution, standard resolution, or low data. They can also view video lectures directly in Zoom.

You don’t need a Coursera account to publish video lectures on Coursera, but you do need a Zoom Pro account to record meetings in Zoom and use the Live2Coursera Zoom app. In addition, all videos uploaded using the Live2Coursera Zoom app go through a moderation process to ensure that they don’t violate our Terms of Service.

Install the Live2Coursera Zoom app

You can install the Live2Coursera Zoom app from the Zoom App Marketplace. Ensure you sign in and install the app using the same Zoom account you’ll use to host the meetings you plan to record and publish on Coursera. See step-by-step instructions for installing apps from the Zoom Marketplace in Zoom’s Help Center.

Record a video lecture

With the Live2Coursera Zoom app installed, you can record a Zoom meeting and publish the video recording to Coursera as a public video lecture. You need to be the host of the meeting you want to record, as host controls are required to record to the cloud and publish to Coursera. Learn more about host controls in Zoom’s Help Center.

Note that you can only use the Live2Coursera Zoom app from a computer. Mobile devices aren’t supported.

To record a video lecture:

  1. Once your Zoom meeting starts, click Apps and then select Live2Coursera.
  2. When you’re ready to start recording your meeting, click Record and then select Record to the Cloud.
  3. In the Live2Coursera side panel, edit the video title as desired and click Publish to Coursera. You can change the video title later.
  4. Host your meeting. Note that Zoom creates a separate recording every time you click the Stop button. The Live2Coursera app will only publish one video per meeting and will automatically select the longest recording file to publish. If you need to take a break from recording, use the Pause button.
  5. When you're ready to stop recording, click the Stop button.
  6. Once you end the meeting, you’ll receive a link to the video lecture page where your recorded lecture will be available to view. Keep in mind that videos may take up to 24 hours to process and go through our moderation process before they appear at the link.

Add and edit video details

You can add additional details to your Live2Coursera videos to group videos by topic and create a series. Videos that share the same details will show up at the bottom of the public video lecture page.

To add and edit video details:

  1. In Zoom, open the Live2Coursera app and navigate to the “My Videos” section.
  2. Find the recording you want to add details to and click Add video details or Edit video details.
  3. Edit the video title and enter details in the “Series,” “Organization,” and “Instructor” fields as desired. If the video is part of a larger series of videos, make sure that the information you enter in the “Series” field matches the other videos exactly.
  4. Click Save video changes.

Share a video

Once your video processes and goes through our moderation process (may take up to 24 hours), it’ll be viewable on a public lecture page on Coursera. You can find a shareable link to your video lecture in a few ways:

  • When recording your meeting with the Live2Coursera app, the shareable link will appear in the "Apps" panel throughout the meeting. It'll also be there after you stop recording.
  • After your meeting ends, we’ll send you an email that includes the shareable link to the email address associated with your Zoom account.
  • You can view all of your recorded videos and links in the “My Videos” section of the Live2Coursera app in Zoom.

Uninstall the Live2CourseraZoom app

  1. Log in to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage then click Installed Apps in the left sidebar.
  3. Find the Live2Coursera app in the list of installed apps, and then click Uninstall.
  4. In the confirmation window that appears, click Uninstall.

Only part of the video is published

Keep in mind that Zoom creates a separate recording every time you click the Stop button. The Live2Coursera app will only publish one video per meeting, and it selects the longest recording to publish. If you need to take a break from recording, use the Pause button.

Video isn't visible at the link

Videos may take up to 24 hours to be processed before they’re published to Coursera. All videos go through a moderation process. If your video didn’t pass the moderation process, you’ll see a message on the page instead of the video.

Video Privacy

Videos uploaded via the Live2Coursera Zoom App aren’t indexed on Coursera or search engines like Google. Only people with the link can access the video.

The app will only publish the host and participants’ voice and shared screens. It won’t publish the video image of the host or the participants.

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